Lights Go: new report on Internet of Things Security

In this report, Rick Regan looks at the vulnerabilities of Internet of Things (IoT) networked devices. Full report available for free as PDF download. (No registration required)

Internet of Things Security Report, focus on Lighting   (download pdf)



  • Increasing complexity with Internet connected devices often leaves the burden of security on the end-user.

  • Typical systems like IP cameras, routers and printers usually have default login credentials which are exploited if the user does not change them.

  • With the coming wave of Internet-of-Things devices systems and networks can be vulnerable to hijacking and commandeering for other purposes.

  • Lighting devices have not had to deal with these issues in the past but we must be aware of the security liabilities that will come with connected complex devices.

  • Device networks are vulnerable from in-person, near proximity and remote attacks.

    [full report available for download]