About Lights Go Inc.

Founded in 2012, Lights Go Inc a the project of Rick Regan in Raleigh, NC to build a leading sales and marketing company which focuses on LED Lighting.

Lights Go has signed vendor partnerships with some of the leading companies in the world including: Toshiba, Samsung, Feit Electric, Verbatim (div. of Mitsubishi) and others. 

Lights Go looks for vendor partners with deep engineering and design capabilities so that the products offered are well designed and well engineered. Some LED lighting companies feature the lowest prices available but Lights Go Inc takes the position that the price is only one element of a successful relationship with the customer. For the people that have to live with a light, the price is less important than whether it actually works and if it works as well or better than expected. These are the products that Lights Go is interested in.

Whether the challenge is to light an art gallery, a fancy hotel, a sandwich shop, office building or simply a home, Lights Go continues to be dedicated to customer satisfaction with lights.

The great potential of LED Lighting will emerge over the coming decades and Lights Go Inc. will be in the market to test, evaluate and deliver the great new functions made possible with LED Lighting. 

If you are looking for LED Lighting, let's get started. Call Rick Regan today at 919-926-0442 or email at Rick@Lights-Go.com